Dr. Ryder is an inspiring, innovative and compassionate teacher...

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I was a student in “Sex, Love, Race: Miscegenation, Mixed Race and Interracial Relations.” I have always had an interest in this topic but lacked knowledge of resources. Growing up in pre- and post-Civil Rights Era Virginia, I never quite understood the vehemence fueling segregation. I believe this is a much needed discussion in truly understanding American history.

Our class was structured on a historical timeline from the colonial period to current issues regarding US Census designations. Our reading materials covered issues on social attitudes, practices and law. We were introduced to the emotional writings of mixed race authors recounting personal histories and issues of identity. Through our vibrant class discussions, films, speakers, reading and writing assignments I have learned valuable information on an incredibly underrepresented topic in our country's history.

Dr. Ryder is an inspiring, innovative and compassionate teacher.

--Renee N., Brown University